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About  Tanja

Hello And Welcome to my site! My name is Tanja and I am a fine art wedding photographer in Italy who loves colors and art.







How to plan a perfcet Engagement photography Stockholm


It's super fun to catch this genuine moment of a proposal and save it as a memory many years after.


1. Choose a time.

Once a client asked then is the best time to take take pictures?

Me: During the evening

Client: Every photographer say so!

It can't be more true that to say that light is much softer that in the day. Which makes the skin looks more natural. For real sunset pictures, we need to start 1 hour before sunset. However, if the schedule doesn't allow that. During the day is absolutely possible to shoot with backlight and in places with lots of shadows

2. Choose a place. In Stockholm, we have a lot! Please read my article about location.

Some of my tips are skeppsholmen, riddarholmen, gamla stan, djurgården, monteliusvägen, fåfängan, ekerö, drottningholm etc. If it rains it's allways good to have plan B. One of those places is Stockholm City hall.

3. Trick your partner to put on some nice clothes.

If you are planning to have a secret proposal suggest that you go to a fine restaurant and you want you darling to match your clothes or coctail is a dress code there. Clothes of lighter or brighter color are to prefer.

4. Specific Spot.

It's super important to decide a specific time and place with the photographer. Let the photographer choose a specific point that works specific time and propose on exactly that point. Send a picture of you both before to the photographer.

5. Have fun and feel love. Don't forget that the nicest pictures come from authentic expressions so it's super important to trust your photographer and focus on showing emotion for each other.







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Photographer Stockholm. Are you planning a photo session in the beautiful city of Stockholm? Engagement, Love Story, Family? You are just at the right place! Stockholm is the Capital of Sweden and one of the world's most beautiful cities. Every year tourists from all around the world visit our Lovely City <3 No matter if it's evening or morning, day or night, rainy or sunny, summer or winter Stockholm has a lot to offer for those who looking for romance. 

Here is a small guide to beautiful places. Enjoy :)


Skeppsholmen is an island located close to old city, It's close to water and you get a panorama view of the whole City. No matter if it's sunny or rainy Skeppsholmen is always a lovely place.

Stockholms Slott (Royal Palace)

One of the Europes biggest palaces and one of the most important historical monuments in Sweden makes a great place for photoshoots.


One on the Greenest places in town is located just 10 minutes by boat or by buss from the City. Djurgården is an island with Royal atmosphere and a lot of classic tourist attractions like Vasa Museum, Aquaria, Skansen and Rosendahls Trädgård.

Stadshuset (Stockholm City hall)

The place mostly known for Noble Prize Ceremony is also one of the places there most people get married in the whole country. This Solid Building was finished 1923 and is a Visit Card of Stockholm. Here we can take panorama picture of the whole City.

Gamla stan (Old town)

Take a walk on the cozy small streets of Stockholms oldest places in Old City and why not visit a cozy cafe shop.



Södermalm is another island just 10 minutes from Central Station. Here you can find beautiful old street and a bohemian atmosphere. Here are some picture taken from Fåfängan with the view of Djurgården and from Monteliusvägen with the view of Old town.

No matters if it's evening or morning, day or night, rainy or sunny, summer or winter Stockholm has a lot to offer for those who looking for romance. For booking of your Romantic photo session please contact me at or +46704361952 More places, Stadshuset, Skeppsholmen, Riddarholmen, Gamla Stan, Waldermars udde, Drottningholm, Skansen, Rosenhill, Artipelag, Millesgården, Nyckelviks Herrgård, Monteliusvägen, Fåfängan, Stenhamre, Dalarö, Ingarö, Hagaparken.





PHOTOGRAPHER Stockholm pricelist



1 Hour

3 images

349 EUR








1 Hour 

10 images 

399 EUR








1 hour 

50 images 




499 EUR






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